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Types of casino bonuses: which one is for you?

With hundreds of casinos setting up online venues every day, every casino will try to woo you by setting itself apart from the crowd. Casinos will offer you bonuses to enable you to begin your playing journey on a positive note. Thanks to the stiff competition in the online gambling industry, most casinos are working hard towards customer retention as they are on customer acquisition which is why every one of them has various attractive bonuses.

It is up to you, the player, to find out which bonus is for you and which one isn’t. It is also very important to understand the wagering requirements before signing up and if the bonus deal sounds too good to be true, then take your time and study it before jumping in.

Most of these casino bonuses are similar, it’s just that some casinos might use different names for them. To help you further, different types of common bonuses outlined below are outlined below.

Sign-up Bonus

sign-up bonus

Some casinos will refer to this one as New Player bonus or Welcome bonus. It is usually the most generous bonus of all. It is actually the casino’s way of attracting you to them with the prospects of winning great sums of money once you have met all the wagering requirements when signing up.

No Deposit Bonus

This is one of the most popular bonuses that casinos will use to give you a chance to try their casino games without paying anything upfront. It is possible to win money when playing with a no deposit bonus. There are no deposit bonus codes for existing players in some casinos especially if they have introduced new games. In other casinos, however, the no deposit bonus codes for existing players are never on offer because this kind of bonus is usually only part of their initial sign up bonuses and therefore only new players who are signing on qualify.

Matching Deposit Bonus

This is the kind of bonus whereby the casino matches up the amount deposited by the player with a certain fixed percentage. If for example the matching bonus is 100% then the customer will have $200 to play with if they deposited $100.

Reload Bonus

As the name suggests this bonus occurs when you make repeat deposits. It is a way the casino uses to make you a regular customer and encourage you to keep making deposits and playing their games.

Loyalty Bonus

This kind of bonus will be rewarded to you if you have been a long-time patron of the casino and especially if you have reached a certain dignitary level. Some casinos offer you points with every deposit you make and allow you to redeem them for free games or cash.

Referral Bonus

referral bonus

As the name suggests, a player gets this kind of bonus after inviting a friend (s) to play the games online. Usually, it’s a free bonus for every friend you invite to signs on.

High Roller Bonus

This is the bonus to entice players who deposit huge sums of money and play a lot. A high roller bonus is usually only for the players known as VIPs, rollers or whales. Such a bonus might also come with additional incentives such as tickets to sports events as well.

There are more bonuses as more casinos join the industry but from the above types of bonuses, you have now understood which bonuses are for you and which ones aren’t.